Collection: Poles and stakes

We carry Spirit of air poles , the market leading brand in the UK, we also carry Brookite poles as a lower cost alternative. Please use the correct ground stake to stand your poles, attaching to solid items like fences, walls or jockey wheels is not recommended and will result in breakage. Please choose the correct height of pole for your useage, as a guide , below we have listed roughly what can be fitted on each size of pole
4m 1x windsock or 1 x 3x2 flag
5m 1x windsock plus 1x 5x3 flag
6m 1x windsock plus 2 x 5x3 flag
7m 1x windsock plus 3x 5x3 flag and so on to a maximum of 4 to 5 flags and one windsock on the taller poles