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Ball bungee 100mm ( Pack of 2 ) perfect for one flag

Ball bungee 100mm ( Pack of 2 ) perfect for one flag

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Flag bungee ( one supplied ) 100mm for attaching flags to poles

Flag bungee attach a flag to a pole

This is the best thing to attach flags to a display pole.

These are 100mm the standard size for poles, if you wish to attach items to the lower sections of 9 and 10m poles, use the larger 150mm type we also sell

Push the end through one of the flag eyelets, loop round the pole and pop the loop end over the ball .This pack contains two bungees

Each flag requires two. Don't put your flag at the top section of the pole, this is too whippy and quite thin, start your flags from approximately three feet from the top where the natural shape of the pole will be more upright( around half way down the second section) .

For multiple flags, use one to go through two eyelets.

For attaching windsocks , simply thread the hook of the windsock as you would a flag eyelet then loop round the pole .

These are UK made and are the very best available on the market today and not supplied by any of our competitirs, using the highest quality shock cord , which gives strength and longevity. The shock cord used is used in the most stringent of maritime conditions so if they can withstand salt, you can be sure they'll do the job well .

Be wary of poor imitations , we have used and tried many types , and this is the only type we trust.

These could also be used anywhere around the house or garage too.


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