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Kaleidoscope LED multi effect flag pole and awning lights

Kaleidoscope LED multi effect flag pole and awning lights

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Kaleidoscope LED multi effect flag pole and awning lights


A few years back we sourced a set of lights from overseas, they had 133 functions, a remote and a power supply that was useable but not certified in any way, the lights looked great with the different functions and the remote was a great touch, but we wanted better, we wanted brighter, so this is what we did


We sourced a far higher spec of LED, with a better lifespan

We wanted a higher spec of cabling and waterproofing, taking it to IP67 suitable for our wet climate, there are many levels within IP67, we made sure ours exceeded the minimum by a long way

We modified the sets to have a 4m ribbon cable allowing the control unit to be kept somewhere safe like a van, camper van or motorhome just in case light fingers were around

We kept the control unit and remote, they impressed us from the first set, no need for change

We sourced a heavy-duty cigarette lighter plug, so the lights can be run on 12v, we had looked at USB, but you can't get the same light range or power from 5.2v that you can from 12v, and let's face it, all of our vehicles have 12v. These lights can also be run on a generic 240v 2A power supply (not included)


With 133 functions, you can choose from so many options, you can also speed up and slow down the display, we've seen basic sets claiming 300 functions plus, but they count running in reverse as a new program, Kaleidoscope does that anyway, and you can also increase or decrease the program duration as well as the speed.


Here's the thing, over the last five years, we have had competitors claim they also sell our lights, they don't, the LED strips are made especially to our design, the 12v leads are also sourced for us and not available in other sets, but the control unit and remote are a generic far eastern product available in other sets, it's the best of its type and several use it but our focus was on the lights and the quality and that is what makes them stand out .


Customers have seen our lights running against competitors lights and they buy ours over and over again. Our investment is in the LED's not the control box or remote which is used by many (generic makes), with close consultation with the manufacturers, they have made these sets to OUR specification, OUR design and OUR requirements, nobody else's


Our lights have a 5m LED strip plus a 4m ribbon cable , we have been asked to make a 10m one , and yes it's easy to do , but an LED is a diode , it has a life span of so many thousand hours of switching on and off , the current type of power supplies available to do this are far higher priced than the current ones offered by competitor products , this causes the first five meters of Led's to function adequately but the second five meters to be switching at high speed , causing far shortened life for these units , we do not want this, so will only offer these in 5m lengths , yes we could possibly power a far lower spec of Led at a 10m length , but it wasn't our plan , our plan was to have the brightest and best lights to run alongside the 133 function controller .


Full R9 colour pigment quality, not many can boast this level

for awesome brightness and clarity, miles clearer than the rest

Extra long fly lead from led's to control box keeping control box safe and dry


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