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Spirit of Air

Stratus 6m sq quad line Power kite by Spirit of Air

Stratus 6m sq quad line Power kite by Spirit of Air

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Stratus 6m sq quad line Power kite by Spirit of Air


As a result of two years development of the original Cyclone design, the Stratus range was born. Designed specifically to meet the next generation of power generating foils , the Stratus represents a giant leap forward in profile design and sail construction .

Utilising a dynamic cambered undersail which enhances profile performance and dramatically increases the kites efficiency , which directly equates to a more powerful , predictable and smoother performing kite .

The Stratus range is designed specifically for traction and combined with moderate lift are suitable for either buggying or boarding . Ideal for novices through to expert level

All Stratus kites come complete with Dynema quad line sets , handles , kite killers ad a ground stake , all packaged in a quality back pack with full instructions





The specs are:


465cm x 175cm Wingspan

 Dacron bridles

Ripstop nylon sail

Suitable for ages 14

Wind range 6-25mph




As with all larger kites , we cannot recommend strongly enough that inexperienced or younger flyers should not try to use kites at the high end of recommended wind speeds until more experience and knowledge of the kites performance is known . We do not accept responsibility for any injury or damage due to relevant precautions being taken , the purchaser purchases at their own risk .


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