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Spirit of Air

Stratus 4.5m² frameless power kite from Spirit of Air

Stratus 4.5m² frameless power kite from Spirit of Air

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Stratus 4.5m² frameless power kite from Spirit of Air please bear in mind the size is square metres, not sail width

After two years of development work , the cyclone design was upgraded and improved into the Stratus range of quad lined power kites

The Stratus represents a giant leap forwards in profile design and sail construction, utilising a dynamic cambered undersail which enhances profile performance and dramatically increases kite efficiency giving a more powerful, predicable and smoother flight.

This range is designed specifically for traction with moderate lift suitable for buggying or boarding and can be used by novice or expert.

Comes with Dyneema quad line set, handles, kite killers, a quality back pack and full instructions .

Please make sure this is the kite for you, this type of kite cannot easily be repackaged in a ready to sell condition, therefore if you unpack it, or use it, and then change your mind, this item cannot be returned.  We provide as much information as possible to ensure this product is the kite for you. If there are any manufacturing defects (which are very, very rare) we reserve the right to send the item for inspection which may take a few days.

Things to bear in mind

Please take heed of the age range suggestions

Please make sure weather conditions are safe enough and your location is safe for flight

Please ensure your kite is not flown near power lines or during electrical storms

Please do not fly near airports

Please make sure your skill level is suitable for the kite you are going to fly, if not get training , we can't be responsible for broken bones or worse


Tech specs of this kite are :

400cm wingspan x 155cm

Dacron bridles

Ripstop nylon sail

Suitable for ages 14+

Wind range 4-20mph

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