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Splash stainless steel 6 inch (15cm) garden windspinner

Splash stainless steel 6 inch (15cm) garden windspinner

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Splash stainless steel 6 inch (15cm) garden windspinner

These windspinners are the best brand available, made by Spin-art using quality grade stainless steel and powder coated on coloured models .

To create a quality effect and finish , these are lazer cut to give high definition lines and curves. Just the weight of the product shows the quality , Spin-art haven't skimped on product , what you have here is a high end quality product that can be used indoors and outdoors for years .

Why not create a funky display by combining your 6 inch spinner with one of the amazing tails we have , and if you're using indoors, get yourself a display motor to keep that spinner spinning ,

The effect of these when exposed to light sources is amazing and enthralling and always draw a crowd when we display them at an event

These can be hung from a hook, a hanging basket bracket or even a tree, we do not recommend hanging these from telescopic flag poles or at great height

They come flat packed in quality packaging, simply remove from packaging , hold firmly at the base and using your other hand grasp the center and using thumb and forefinger gently fan out the sections from flat to 45 to 70 degrees from center

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