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Outdoor revolution

Multi mallet

Multi mallet

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Multi mallet

Outdoor Revolution's 'Multi-Mallet Blister Pack' is a technical mallet with multi-functional features, making it a must-have camping accessory for all outdoor enthusiasts! The weighted rubber mallet head makes light work of knocking pegs into harder or stoney ground, whilst the ergonomic plastic handle ensures superb grip; the handle is fully-extendable, helping to prevent back-ache, typically caused by bending over when extracting pegs. This conveniently retracts back into its alloy handle when not in use. It incorporates a peg puller on the end of the handle in order to make unpegging a more convenient and speedy process; a convenient peg brush cleaner can be accessed to clean up those dirty pegs before putting them away.

• Weighted rubber mallet

• Ergonomic plastic handle

• Extendable peg puller

• Integrated peg brush cleaner


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