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Lanoguard overspray remover and gun wash

Lanoguard overspray remover and gun wash

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Lanoguard overspray remover and gun wash

Lanoguard Remover allows you to remove any Lanoguard overspray, clean brushes, flush out spray guns and remove long time cured Lanoguard. It is safe, eco-friendly, odourless and fast drying and, can be applied on engine parts, bearings, gearboxes, rubber, electrical parts and circuit boards.

It can be used to remove Lanoguard when freshly applied and crucially also to fully strip off Lanoguard when it is fully cured before a further Lanoguard treatment should you wish to do this. Be mindful that Lanoguard Remover with remove ceramic coatings.

When using to remove overspray from an application of Lanoguard you have done, put some on a cloth (i.e. don’t spray it) and it can be used as an immediate action wipe on buff off type approach to remove Lanoguard. Use it mindfully because Lanoguard itself will become ineffective if it comes into contact with this product should you get it where you didn’t intend to .

If used to clean brushes or spray guns make sure these items are also immediately afterwards washed out with warm soapy water to remove any traces of Lanoguard Remover before using them for Lanoguard application again.  And ideally flush with just warm water after the soapy water

If using it to remove an old fully cured coat/s of Lanoguard, the product should be sprayed on to the area (using a trigger or pressure sprayer such as that which comes with Lanoguard) to give a simple even coating and it must be left for 5 minutes to dwell to work it’s magic  Then it can be jet washed off and it will take the old Lanoguard with it. If it is a thick coat of Lanoguard, you may need to repeat this process.

We have developed, tried and tested this product with much research and formulation to be sure it is the right fit for removal our products and our ecological and environmentally friendlier products, ethos and values.  If you need any more info, get in touch.

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