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Lanoguard outdoor spray 500ml

Lanoguard outdoor spray 500ml

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Lanoguard outdoor grease 250ml

Let's face it , we have all been using the same petroleum based products for years , all readily available so easy to to grab and go, forgetting how harmful they are to the environment and also how dated they are in their capabilities .

What is outdoor spray ?

It is a all season lasting must have spray giving anti-corrosion, anti-seize and waterproofing for your home, garden, caravan and sports and leisure pursuits. It contains an anti-fungal component ( only available in outdoor spray ) making it ideal for use on wood. It is great to use on electric motors , pond pumps, caravan motor movers and jack winding threads and many more outdoor items 

Lanoguard have been developing this product for years , and this is a truly British product , based on Lanolyn and other natural products , this amazing lubricant / grease / protector has amazing adherence qualities , it can not be washed away by salt water or petroleum , it is non conducting , so electrolysis cannot take place and it doesn't evaporate , so continues to do an amazing job long after petroleum based greases fail .

Lanoguard Outdoor spray is a must-have anti corrosion, anti seize and waterproofing spray for around your home, caravan, garden or for sports and leisure pursuits. It contains an anti fungal to prevent mould forming should it be used on wood. It's a light formula ensuring the residue is minimal whilst leaving a light lubrication behind too, to keep things moving and seize free.

From hinges and locks to whole electric motors and pond pumps, jack winding threads on caravans and reels on fishing rods, there are thousands of uses for this highly versatile very long lasting anti corrosion spray. Keeping all your gear from corrosion, seizing and breaking. Saving you time, Hassle and Money.

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