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Lanoguard boat and trailer protection kit

Lanoguard boat and trailer protection kit

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Lanoguard boat and trailer protection kit

Let's face it , we have all been using the same petroleum based products for years , all readily available so easy to to grab and go, forgetting how harmful they are to the environment and also how dated they are in their capabilities .

Marine spray , what is it ?

It is a superior corrosion prevention , waterproofing and anti-seize spray , really easy to apply and provides a translucent protective barrier against salt, acid, alkaline and electrolysis. It is designed to look after all metal and electrics on your whole boat  and the chassis and underside of your boat trailer parts, electrics , chains, padlocks , pulleys , wire and more. 

Lanoguard have been developing this product for years , and this is a truly British product , based on Lanolyn and other natural products , this amazing lubricant / grease / protector has amazing adherence qualities , it can not be washed away by salt water or petroleum , it is non conducting , so electrolysis cannot take place and it doesn't evaporate , so continues to do an amazing job long after petroleum based greases fail .

Another key feature and so important to marine use and automotive use is the fact that Lanoguard is non leaching and non perishing , therefore does not damage other surfaces like rubber seals plastics and nylons .

A customer quote states "The best rust proofing and long term anti seize products I have tried, used the spray and grease on a 4x4 chassis and body, easy to apply and as advertised DOES NOT WASH OFF with road spray or normal pressure washing, even when I tested with a commercial jet wash at point blank. It will displace the coating at point blank if you hold it in one place but there is still enough of the coating left to repel water and protect the surface. Definitely out performs Waxoyl and Dinitroll hands down and is a lot safer to use when spraying. Very happy with the level of protection my truck now has"

Our Boat Winterising & Trailer Care Kit gives you everything you need to protect your boat and or trailer and accessories from the elements & salt water and to ensure it keeps free of corrosion and all the troubles associated with that throughout the seasons. Boat Winterising & Trailer Care Kit includes the following:

Thats quite a saving on the cost of the items if purchased separately

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