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Blue Diamond composting eco friendly portable toilet

Blue Diamond composting eco friendly portable toilet

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Blue Diamond composting eco friendly portable toilet

The Blue Diamond Nature Calls Composting Toilet is the first truly portable composting toilet designed to be used in a variety of settings. An environmentally responsible product, the separation of liquids and solids within the toilet allows for a much greener disposal of waste matters. This separation prevents the need for water or chemicals, and combined with Coffee Chaff or Sawdust (supplied separately) it both dries out the solid waste and also masks the smell. This system is used primarily in domestic composting and in domestic chicken coups. Solids can be added to any compost heap whereas liquids can just go down the drain.
Technical Specification

Material: Main body: Heavy Duty Polyethylene (recyclable)

Unit Weight: 7.8kg

Dimensions: 520mm x 320mm x 420mm

Max Load Baring Weight: 200kg

Max Liquid Capacity: 8ltr

Max Solids Capacity: 7.5ltr


Check out the composting toilet starter kit ( not included but listed separately ) this includes a spare solids pot, bags, scented chaff and biodegradeable toilet roll

Delivery to mainland UK only, if you are UK highlands or Islands , please contact us first as shipping costs may be considerably higher and we wouldn't want to disappoint by cancelling the order .

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