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Spirit of Air

Bird kite in colourful pink with 102cm wingspan

Bird kite in colourful pink with 102cm wingspan

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Bird kite in colourful pink with 102cm wingspan

Great colourful bird kite it has a 102cm wingspan . This could possibly be used as a bird scarer , The sail section is made from ripstop nylon and the frame is fibreglass which has massive advantages over the normal plastics used as it is strong , flexible and can be much thinner and therefore lighter allowing for a much more efficient sail section. Comes with line on a spool

We discovered the usefulness of kites as bird scarers when we were trading at a south coast beach festival when as we were packing up a local hotelier came running across the green asking to buy some of the bird kites we had been displaying on poles whilst trading . On further questioning , it had turned out he had spent an absolute fortune on a bird scaring machine for the top of his hotel which had been effective for about a day and then all the seagulls returned, they had all disappeared on our arrival , and to date he has had several kites from us and recommends us and our kites to hotelier friends. The hawk kite is ideal for this, also look at our seagull and dragonfly kites for great alternatives

You can either fly it as a kite or tie it to the top of your pole on your campsite or in your garden , just use about 1.5m of your kite line and then use this to attach to your kite and pole .

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