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BC12 Button controlled 12v Dream chasing 5m flag pole lights

BC12 Button controlled 12v Dream chasing 5m flag pole lights

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BC12 Button controlled 12v Dream chasing 5m flag pole lights with 75 functions

We have sourced and supplied our own Kaleidoscope light range for a long time, sadly due to order limits and the sheer time it takes to get stock , we have been in contact with a quality UK importer who has his own range. We aren't one to rush in to a product , we watch, wait, listen and learn , that way we can be confident that our customers are getting something from us that meets our and their expectations .

This set is powered by 12v and comes with a 12v cigarette lighter power lead. Functions are controlled using a set of three buttons sited at the base of the light strip

Top & Bottom: Select Different Patterns

Middle: Speed

Auto: Press Top & Bottom together to set auto and sync through all the different patterns

This set consists of a 5m length of SMD's ( surface mounted diode) or LED's housed in a silicone tube which is sealed at both ends, rated to IP67 (means rated 6 for being dust tight and 7 for water tightness which you should expect for any product designed to work outdoors  )


This set consists of

Light set on spool

3m long 12v cigarette lighter type lead



We will supply each unit with detailed instructions , please take time to read them and follow them to the letter , we have supplied this type of product for many years and have tried all the options and methods , but the main thing is do not use cable ties to secure the lights , do not leave up in high winds and do not run to the top sections of flag poles .



  1. Can I leave them on my pole permanently when I pack the pole away ?

No, due to the nature of a telescopic pole, the lights have to be removed each time

2, Can I attach these to the mains?

yes, there is an optional 240v mains power supply (not included)

3. Do these react to sound ?

No, they are pre programmed but there's a lot to choose from, the USB366 set does have the option of a sound reaction unit ( not included)


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