Pro pole 6m flag pole from Spirit of Air


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Pro pole 6m , the strongest on the market



PRO-Pole 6m flag pole UK’s market leader and strongest by far

These poles are the strongest in the Uk by far, the 50% glass fibre 50% carbon shell hybrid construction allows for massive strength and rigidity whilst allowing good flex, something that other brands cannot reproduce, also has a massive eyelet at the tip.

They come in 3 seperate colour-coded sections, this allows for assembly without fear of section drop when cooling down in the evenings, this is why these are THE pole of choice for professional banner companies, as they can withstand far more than any other pole.

Comes supplied in it’s own fabric bag.

These stand best on the super stakes that we also sell.

There are many imitators of this pole, but nothing even comes close, if you are looking for the strongest pole either for yourself or for professional use, BUY once, BUY right, BUY Spirit of Air PRO-POLE.


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Pro pole 6m flag pole from Spirit of Air

Pro pole 6m flag pole from Spirit of Air