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Lanoguard Marine Prop-Tection 250ml

Lanoguard Marine Prop-Tection 250ml

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Lanoguard Marine Prop-Tection 250ml

Let's face it , we have all been using the same petroleum based products for years , all readily available so easy to to grab and go, forgetting how harmful they are to the environment and also how dated they are in their capabilities .

Lanoguard have been developing this product for years , and this is a truly British product , based on Lanolyn and other natural products , this amazing lubricant / grease / protector has amazing adherence qualities , it can not be washed away by salt water or petroleum , it is non conducting , so electrolysis cannot take place and it doesn't evaporate , so continues to do an amazing job long after petroleum based greases fail .

Another key feature and so important to marine use and automotive use is the fact that Lanoguard is non leaching and non perishing , therefore does not damage other surfaces like rubber seals plastics and nylons .

This Prop-Tection grease does what it says on the tub , use it to protect and prolong the life of your propeller and also apply it to your prop shaft , this  prevents corrosion and barnacle build up to keepthings running as efficiently as possible , this being a grease can also be used in many other marine uses where grease would be applied , it will not be dispersed by salty water or pressure washing , giving you the peace of mind and protecting your investment .

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