Kaleidoscope LED multi effect flag pole and awning lights


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Kaleidoscope LED multi effect flag pole and awning lights


This is our mid range pole strip lights , good LED density in a waterproof casing , these units come with a mains power supply that drops the voltage down 12v and  a 12v cigarette lighter plug lead which will come free of charge with these lights


They come with a remote control to change from different functions from cascade , to chase and many many more , certainly 130 plus and possibly more


Specification includes IP65 waterproofing

Full R9 colour pigment quality

for awesome brightness and clarity, miles clearer than the rest

Extra long fly lead from led’s to control box keeping control box safe and dry

These aren’t your low grade led strips touted on some sites, our investment is in the LED’s not the control box or remote which is used by many ( generic make ) , with close consultation with the manufacturers, they have made these sets to OUR specification , OUR design and OUR requirements , nobody elses

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